I’m a big fan of bold, colorful wall art.  As a crafter, I also like to coordinate my wall decor with the theme of the room.  As I’m transitioning my son’s room from a nursery to a preschooler’s room, I’m keeping the color scheme but changing out the theme, and moving from a circus theme to a kaleidoscope of color.  I drew inspiration from the colors in the curtain presently in the room to make a fun piece of wall art.  I simplified the project by using Oly*Fun fabrics and a die cutting machine.  Here’s how you can make beautiful wall art in minutes.

This post first appeared at Fairfield World, where I am on the Design Team.


  • Oly*Fun Fabric (I used Bubblegum, Kiwi, LemonDrop, Orchid, and Sky Blue)
  • Stretched Canvas
  • Die Cutting Machine and Die
  • Mod Podge

**Oly*Fun is now readily available where you buy fabric – if at Joann, Hobby Lobby or Walmart. Look for it today!

Step one:  Cut the fabric into rectangles to fit your die.

Step two:  Run the fabric and die through your die cutting machine to cut your shape.  What I love about using Oly*Fun in my die cutting machine is that the edges are clean and never fray!

Step three:  Arrange the shapes as desired on the canvas.

Step four:  Use Mod Podge to adhere the shapes to the canvas.  I lifted one shape, brushed on Mod Podge, and pressed the shape onto the canvas.

Step five:  Paint another layer of Mod Podge on Top.

Repeat until the canvas is covered, and set the project aside to dry.  I wrapped the excess over the edge of the canvas, but you could also just trim off the excess.  Once the project is dry, you’re ready to hang it up.  What a fun, easy way to make a bold, colorful statement in a room!



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