Here’s a costume idea that’s perfect if you want to dress up for costume for Halloween without wearing a costume:  piñata shoes!  Pair these colorful shoes with a shirt that says “candy”, or pin wrapped candy to your shirt and pants.  These costume shoes are easy to make, and everyone who sees them can’t help but smile!

This post first appeared at Dollar Store Crafts.



  • Shoes
  • Oly*Fun Fabric
  • Hot glue gun
  • Googly eyes
  • Foam or styrofoam



Note:  I used lace up shoes, but if you do so, use a pair that is slightly larger than your foot.  It is difficult to loosen and put on the shoe after the fabric has been glued on.  This would work best with slip on shoes.

Step one:  Cut the fabric into 2 inch strips.  I used Oly*Fun fabric, which looks like tissue paper but is durable and weather proof.  Cut the strips into fringe.

Step two:  Use the hot glue gun to attach the strips to the shoes.  Start at the front, and go to the top of the shoe tongue.  If your shoe has laces, just glue the sides down to leave the laces free.  Hot glue the fringe to the back of the shoe, as pictured.  Trim off any excess fringe.

Step three:  Cut two pieces of foam into triangles, and glue the fringe on.  Hot glue them to the sides of the shoes as ears for the donkey piñata.

Step four:  Hot glue the eyes on.I used foam for the ears so they’d be lightweight and can bounce back from being rubbed together when you walk.  I wore my piñata shoes with my piñata costume but as I mentioned earlier, you could cover yourself with wrappers or candy to complete the look.




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