Make your own headboard DIY to create a custom look for your child or tween’s bedroom!  This is a sponsored post but all ideas and opinions are my own.

One of my sons just turned 13, and I wanted to give his room a little update.  You don’t have to go out and buy new furniture as your kids get older!  Here are a few tips and ideas for how to update a bedroom using a few crafty ideas.

 Supplies Used for the Flash Headboard DIY:
Step one:  Cut a piece of fabric to fit the large cork board.  Use a staple gun to wrap and cover the board with red Oly-Fun Fabric.
Step two: Cut the symbol from metallic Oly-Fun fabric. I’ve got a free cut file HERE that you can use.  Oly-Fun is perfect in the Silhouette cutting machine! No frayed or jagged edges at all!
Step three:  Weed and transfer the cut image to the headboard. Use fabric glue to attach the symbol to the red fabric.
The next two steps are super symbol and even tiny little me could do it by myself! Open the base frame up…no assembly required.
Then cut the plastic off the packaging.  As you remove the plastic, the mattress will slowly unroll and open up. I was amazed at how large and thick it was! I did not expect it to be so deep, especially given how compact the the package was!
I have purchased mattresses online before, and they usually need about a day to regain their shape and often have a plastic-like smell.  Neither of these were the case with this Green Mattress! It immediately had it’s shape after I opened the package, and there was no odor at all.  All of my kids immediately noticed how soft the texture was.  They were fighting each other for space to sprawl face down on the mattress. That’s how comfy and cozy it was, right out of the box!
I placed the mattress on the bed frame, hung my headboard DIY on the wall, and made the bed. Easy, inexpensive headboard so you have more money to spend on other things, like an organic mattress. I had never really thought much about what my mattresses were made of till I was expecting child #3. A friend who I respect greatly urged me to splurge on an organic mattress for my baby.  She reasoned that children spend more hours in or on their beds than anywhere else in the house. Why risk having them breath in unnatural chemicals while they are sleeping? This had never occurred to me, but it made absolute sense.  If you’re only going to go green with one thing, I highly suggest that it be your mattress.
While I was rearranging my son’s room, I decided to try one other idea I had been considering. I had wanted a day bed for his room, but all the day bed frames I found within my budget were too feminine looking.  By simply adding a bunch of fluffy cushions along the wall (like an extra long body pillow that you can DIY), I was able to create a relaxing place for my son to lounge and relax on.
Make your own headboard DIY to create a custom look for your child or tween's bedroom!  Tutorial includes decorating ideas.
You don’t have to go broke to create a custom bedroom that your kids will enjoy!  Use thrifted items and your crafty skills to make budget bedroom decor, and then you’ll have money left over to splurge on a quality organic mattress!
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I was sent product to review for this post, but all ideas and opinions are 100% my own.