Use dies with shimmery craft fabric to make this gorgeous gift card holder DIY project for Valentine’s Day or any holiday. This is sponsored post.

gift card holder DIY

Gift cards always make a great gift, but they can feel a little impersonal.  Give those gift cards a handcrafted touch by making your own gift card holders!

gift card holder DIY

The newly released die set from Maker’s Movement is perfect for quickly making your own gift card holder DIYs! The envelope is the perfect size for gift cards, and the set comes with everything you need to personalize the design. I made these for Valentine’s Day, but they would be perfect for any gift giving occasion.

gift card holder DIY

Supplies Used for this Gift Card Holder DIY:

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I used metallic Oly-Fun fabric to make these gift card holder DIYs a bit more durable and lasting. The Maker’s Movement dies cut perfectly through this textile!

I placed the envelope die with the “love” and stamp dies where I wanted them to go. I used my Crossover II die cutting machine to cut the fabric with the dies.

Separate the different elements and fold the envelope edges on the scored lines.

I’m using the card insert die to create the backing for my envelope. This will be glued to the inside of the envelope to fill in the spaces where I die cut the word “love” and the stamp.

Flip the envelope over so that the inside is facing up.

Roll the insert (the non-metallic Oly-Fun fabric) through the sticker maker. This will add adhesive to one side of the fabric.

Attach the non-metallic fabric to the back inside of the envelope. Now the “love” and stamp areas will have adhesive on them, so be careful  that you don’t put this face down on your work surface.

Attach the inner pieces of the “l”, “o”, and “e”, plus the heart, to the non-metallic fabric. This is easy to do because the whole piece is sticky.

Sprinkle Glamour Dust over the non-metallic fabric. Since it has adhesive on it, the dust will stick to it very easily. Shake off the excess.

Use a tape runner to add adhesive to the flaps of the gift card holder DIY. Assemble the envelope.

gift card holder DIY

Simply tuck a gift card in the holder, and tuck in the top tab. This might be the prettiest gift card holder your recipient has ever received!

gift card holder DIY


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