This repurposed ceiling medallion project is a great way to upcycle something outdated into something that is useful!

Repurposed Ceiling Medallion
I love to turn “trash” into “treasure”. Instead of heading to the landfill, why not give outdated items a new life? That’s what I did with this ceiling medallion. With a little paint and fillers from Fairfield World, it has a completely new purpose!
DIY pin cushion

Repurposed Ceiling Medallion Project Supplies

  • Ceiling Medallion
  • Project Foam 2″ Foam scrap
  • Cuddle Fabric
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Mod Melts and Molds
  • Straight Pins
I found this cool ceiling medallion at a garage sale.  This was already painted white, so I just filled in the large triangular sections with black chalkboard paint.  After the first layer had dried, I added a second application of paint.
paint on chalkboard paint
Trace the center opening of the ceiling medallion onto paper, and cut it out to use as a template.
Trace the circle on a scrap piece of 2″ Project Foam. Cut out the circle.
foam circle
Place a 12″ square of pink Cuddle Fabric from Shannon Fabrics over the foam circle.  Use straight pins to pin the fabric back until you have achieved a nice, even circle.
Hot glue the pink foam cushion to the front of the ceiling medallion. Flip it over, remove the pins, and hot glue the back in place.
DIY Pin cushion
To make the pins for the pinboard, I used flower-shaped Mod Melts with glittery silver Mod Melt sticks.  Heat the Mod Melts in a hot glue gun or Mod Melter, then squeeze the melted liquid into the mold.  As the melt is cooling, insert the head of a straight pin in the mold.  Make sure the pin stays upright as the liquid solidifies. Once it has cooled, pop it out of the mold and trim off any excess.
mod melt pins
Use the DIY pins to hold notes and pictures on the foam pinboard. Use chalk to write and erase messages or ideas on the board.  What a stylish way to decorate and stay organized in your dorm or bedroom this back-to-school season!
Repurposed Ceiling Medallion tutorial


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