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Wouldn’t it be awesome to make your own buttons in the right color or design that you need for a certain project?  Thanks to Mod Melts and Mod Molds you can make custom buttons in minutes.


buttons supplies


buttons step 1Step one:  Heat the colored melt stick in the Mod Melter or glue gun.  Squeeze the liquid into the mold to fill it.

buttons step 2Step two:  Let the liquid cool for 30 seconds, then press the jump ring into the shape.  This makes the back of your button.

mod melt buttonStep three:  Let it cool for ten minutes, then pop the button out of the mold.  If there are messy edges you can trim them off with scissors.

buttons mod meltThere are lots of ways to embellish your mod melts.  I have several ideas and tutorials listed here.  For this project, I gilded my buttons.  You can learn how to guild in this tutorial.​  I used my buttons to decorate shoes with. They would also make adorable embellishments on hairbows! Keep in mind that these will melt in the dryer, so if you want to use them on clothing you’ll have to hang dry or perhaps use resin in the molds instead.  Have fun crafting and creating!​

mod melt buttons

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