This retro mushroom tuffet DIY project is an easy way to create colorful, functional home decor. This is a sponsored post with Fairfield World but all ideas and opinions are my own.

retro mushroom tuffet DIY

While scrolling on Instagram I saw an image of and ad from the 1970s for some fun mushroom tuffets. I immediately knew they would be perfect for my daughter’s new bedroom! I’ve made a few tuffets before and LOVE to work with Fairfield World’s tuffet kit, so my first thought was to use the kit and cushion as a base, then build it up with cushiony Poly-Fil Fiber Fill to create the cute domed shape of a mushroom.

mushroom tuffet tutorial

Retro Mushroom Tuffet DIY Supplies

I made a video tutorial with all the steps explained in detail. Here is a summary of what I did to make this mushroom tuffet:

  1. Glue the foam cushion to the wood base.
  2. Pile the top of the cushion with Poly-Fil Fiber Fill to create a dome shape.
  3. Cover the cushion with the batting. Flip the tuffet over and staple the batting to the base.
  4. Cut off the excess batting and save it.
  5. Staple the terry cloth fabric to one side of the base. Optional: Add additional scrap batting and/or Poly-Fil as needed to create a domed shape if the cushion still seems to flat.
  6. Pull and staple the terry cloth fabric to the wood base of the tuffet. Cut off any excess fabric.
  7. Sew a tube of terry cloth fabric to fit over the round wood stool.
  8. Use brackets and screws to attach the wood stool to the wood base of the tuffet.
  9. Wrap the legs of the wood stool with batting, and staple the batting in place.
  10. Slide the terry cloth fabric tube over the wood stool base. Staple the fabric to the base of the tuffet.

DIY pouf

Flip the tuffet over and enjoy! It’s the perfect spot for resting your feet while reading and relaxing, but it’s also sturdy enough to sit on!

retro mushroom tuffet tutorial


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