DIY Stamped Wooden Gift Tags


On Tuesday I showed how easy it is to make gifts using cabochons and blanks.  Presentation is everything (right?) so a special gift deserves special packaging.  These gift tags are beautiful and can be altered for different gift giving occasions.


Wood Tags
Americana Crackle Medium
Stamps and Ink

How to decorate wooden tags:

Step one:  Paint the tag with a base color.  This is what will show through the cracks.  Let dry.

Step two:  Paint an even layer of Americana Weathered Wood Crackle Medium.  Let dry.


Step three:  Paint your top color on.  As it dries, it will begin to crackle and expose the base color.  I like a lot of contrast.


Step four:  When it has dried, you can stamp on the painted surface.  I like to use text stamps and the itty bitty stamps I never seem to find uses for.IMG_0316

Step five (optional):  Seal with a spray on finish.  I don’t always do this, but since these are Valentine themed and I used a metallic base paint, I opted to go for a high gloss finish.IMG_0314


Now I can use twine and ribbon to tie on my gift item.  Then I place the set in a small gift bag or box.  I love to make simple gift bags by folding over the top of brown paper bags and stapling a doily to the top.  Sweet packaging for a sweet handmade gift!


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  1. They looks so cute, great way to customize them! Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are adorable!! They totally look like leather not wood!!

  3. very lovely 🙂
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