In my opinion, Anthropologie has the coolest stuff but not the most affordable prices.  I think part of what I love about their items is that they look hand crafted and unique, not factory made.  It’s this characteristic that makes it so tempting to try to knock off Anthro items.  I loved the look and the idea behind this globe at Anthro, so I made my own version.

This post first appeared at Dollar Store Crafts, where you can find me every Tuesday!


  • Globe (found at a yard sale for $1)
  • Paint – on hand
  • Stickers – $1 and up

Step one:  Prime the entire globe with flat white craft paint.

Step two:  Paint the base and the arm of the globe gold.

Step three:  Paint the sphere. To achieve a hue similar to the Anthro version, I mixed 3 parts blue paint to one part yellow paint.

Step four:  Use gold stickers to spell out your message.  Embellish with gold stars.

I have a Silhouette cutting machine, so I cut my own letters and stars out of gold vinyl.  I found similar gold letters at the craft store, which would be a much more affordable option if you don’t own an expensive cutting machine.  I also often see phrase stickers at the dollar store, and those would work well on this project, too.

Want to see more of my Anthro knock offs?  Check out this mug, this flower cone, my Anthro mirror,  this coral necklace, or this vase.  Have fun crafting and creating!



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