Step one: Decide what kind of animal you want to make, and paint the box with the necessary base color.  For the panda, I used white; for the peacock, I used turquoise.

Tip:  If your unfinished wood box is rough or uneven, you can paint it with white gesso first to create a more smooth surface to paint on.

step 2

Step two: Use a pencil to sketch the animal’s face onto the pencil box top.  For the panda, trace two circles onto the lid of the box, then drew a small crescent shape in each circle to give it some dimension.  For the peacock, trace two circles, then connect them with a rectangular shape, followed by a triangle beak in the center for the beak.

Step three:  Paint the animal faces.  Paint one color at a time and wait for the paint to dry before starting the next color.


Step four:  When the paint is dry, cover the eyes and beak with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.  Start by tracing the outline of the shape, then fill the inside with the Dimensional Magic.  If you get bubbles in the Dimensional Magic, pop them with a sewing pin.



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