Step one:  Peel off the stickers and labels from the letters and shelves.

Step two:  Paint the back and sides of the letters and shelves.  I used a bright red milk paint from Plaid Crafts. Let the paint dry completely, then paint the front of the shelves.  Let the paint dry.

Step three:  Place one shelf on your work surface.  Apply wood glue to the bottom of the last letter of the child’s name and glue it onto the ends of the shelves.  I used the notches in the wood as a guideline for placement.  Let the glue dry for a few moments.

Step four:  Put wood glue on the top of the last letter of the child’s name.  Place a shelf on top of the letter and make sure it is aligned correctly.  Let the glue dry for a little bit.

Step five:  Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the shelf is complete.  Let the glue dry for 24 hours before moving the shelf.

If you plan to hang this shelf on the wall you will need to use something more binding than wood glue.  I put my son’s shelf on top of the dresser in his room, and it’s the perfect size for holding his most treasured Lego creations!  Now he can proudly display his work and still access it easily when he’s ready to play with them.  Have fun crafting and creating decor for your kids!

This post first appeared at the Walnut Hollow blog.


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