These DIY planner stickers are easy to make when you use printable sticker papers from This is a sponsored post.

DIY planner stickers

I’m determined to be more organized in the new year, and I’m taking steps now to get ready before we ring in 2021! I decided to make my own DIY planner stickers that match my style and my calendar. You can design or purchase your own stickers in any style or design you like, and then use sticker paper from to print and cut them. I even made a matching container to hold all my new planner stickers!

make your own planner stickers

DIY Planner Stickers Supplies

how to make stickers

I reduced the planner page images to print on the name badge sticker paper. These labels fit perfectly on metal tins! I put one on the cover so I know my DIY planner stickers are in there. I even put one inside the container lid because they are so cute and colorful. These stickers would be perfect for tags and bookmarks in a journal, too!

I used the print and cut feature on my Silhouette Cameo to make the planner stickers. First I printed them out, then traced them in Silhouette Design Studio. I cut the paper using the Medium Copy Paper setting to cut through the sticker and the backing.

make planner stickers and carrying case

I removed the perfectly cut stickers from the cutting mat and placed them inside the metal tin. Now all my DIY planner stickers are neatly organized in one spot.

get organized in the new year

As I fill in my Anne Taintor engagement calendar for 2021 I’ll be able to highlight and color code tasks with my planner stickers.

DIY planner Stickers and case tutorial

If you like these stickers, you’ll love my retro housewife labels!


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