Learn how to make your own molded Christmas candles with this easy to follow tutorial.

DIY Christmas candles

Why do candles always have to be round?  Did you know that you can not only make your own candles in different shapes, but you can also decorate them with colors and designs that you like?  Keep reading to learn how easy it is to make and decorate your own candles.  This is a fun way to DIY your own holiday decor this winter.

molded Christmas candles tutorial

Molded Christmas Candles Supplies

  • Silicone Tree Mold
  • Wax or old candles
  • Saucepan and a container that can withstand heat
  • Wick
  • Holiday Decorative Napkins
  • Heating Tool

Melt the wax.  I place water in a saucepan and bring it to a boil.  Place a container (I used an old microwave safe plastic bowl) over the water.  Place the wax or a candle in the container.  The wax will melt fairly quickly.

add the wick to the candle mold

Fill the silicone tree mold about halfway to 3/4 full with wax. Place the wick on the wax, with an end sticking out near the top.  Fill the rest of the mold with wax and let it dry completely. This will take at least an hour.

remove the candle from the mold

When the mold is cool to the touch, remove the wax candle from the mold.

trace the candle on a napkin

Trace the candle on a decorative holiday napkin.  Cut out the shape.

melt tissue paper onto wax candle

Place the napkin on the candle.  Use a heat tool or a hair dryer to gently heat the wax under the napkin.  The wax will melt and “absorb” the napkin.

cute DIY Christmas tree candles

Trim the wick and get ready to display your unique shaped holiday candles! Please note:  While these candles can stand on their own, I recommend that you place them in a candleholder when they are lit.  You don’t want them to fall over while they are burning! Have fun crafting and creating candles for your home decor this year.


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