Bring winter fun indoors with this plush snowballs tutorial.

It doesn’t snow where I live in Central Texas. Well, we did get a totally unexpected and delightful snowfall here a few years ago, and my kids keep hoping it will happen again. We had promised them we would visit a place with snow over Christmas break, but with the pandemic still in full force we’ve decided not to travel this winter. Still, there’s no reason to not have any fun. I’m bringing the winter fun indoors with this plush snowballs tutorial.

plush snowballs tutorial for elf on shelf

The fun thing with plush snowballs is that they don’t melt or hurt when you get hit by them. This is project is a great beginner sewing project, too, so kids can help make a big pile of snowballs to play with, or to decorate with.

snow ball printable

You can watch  my short video tutorial to see how I made these plushy, soft snowballs. If you want to decorate with the snowballs like I did, I included the printable I made. You can save it and print it on card stock paper to make faux chalkboard signs. I left two of them blank so you can add your own message to them if you would like to.

elf on shelf with plush snowballs snowman

The mini chalkboard signs are elf sized, so your Elf on the Shelf can display them. I added snow man faces to some of my snowballs to create a cute little snowman.

I made mini snowballs, but you can make them in any size you like to fit your needs. Larger plush snowballs would look really cute in a big metal bucket. They can be used as decor when the kids aren’t playing with them!

elf on shelf with snowman head

For more snowy fun, check out my HUGE snowman project, also made using Poly-Fil fillers from Fairfield World. This big boy is the opposite of these snowballs, and stands almost 4 feet tall!

DIY fabric snowball bucket plush snowballs tutorial

Have fun crafting and creating for the holidays!


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