Celebrate dinosaurs and Jurassic Park with this hilarious velociraptor sign DIY tutorial that includes a free cut file. This is a sponsored post with StyleTech Craft vinyl.

velociraptor sign DIY

My kids are crazy excited about the new Jurassic Park movie this summer. Since velociraptors feature so prominently in the new movies, I decided to make a funny raptor sign to put in our house. The magnet numbers can be replaced so they can have fun updating it when they like. StyleTech Craft has a massive line of chrome and metalized vinyls that are perfect for projects like this one.

cut vinyl

Velociraptor Sign DIY Supplies

transfer vinyl to metal

Cut and weed the pieces from the various vinyls. I used black for the lettering, metalized green for the raptor, and red for the rest. I cut the number squares from yellow cardstock.

First I placed a sheet of silver chrome vinyl on the metal craft sheet. I like the more subtle sheen it has, and it’s not as harsh as the metal sheet. Then I transferred the text and numbers using transfer tape.

xyron magnet with laminate

I used my Xyron Creative Station with the laminate + magnetic backing insert. Then I trimmed around the numbers. Now the number of days can be changed easily with the magnetic number boxes.

metallic vinyl velociraptor sign DIY

I used a brown stain to age the velociraptor sign, so it looks like something that is in a place with lots of dinosaurs. First I brushed it over the entire sign, then I used a paper towel to smudge brown stain in areas and on the corners.

beware raptor sign velociraptor sign DIY

The last step was to use super glue to add a sawtooth hanger to the back. My kids all laughed when they saw this sign, and it will be fun to hang up and enjoy! Have fun crafting & creating with vinyl!

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