Wiggle animal photo stands are fun to make and to receive! This is a a great group activity for kids this summer.

wiggle animals photo stands

I keep seeing these adorable unpainted wood wiggle animals at dollar and craft stores. Grab a few on your next visit and use them to keep kids busy this summer. You’ll have fun painting them, too!

wiggle animals photo stands supplies

Wiggle Animal Photo Stands DIY Supplies

  • Wiggle Wood Animals: alligator, dinosaur, and snake 
  • Crafter’s Acrylic Paint— Holiday Green 
  • Crafter’s Acrylic Paint— White 
  • Crafter’s Acrylic Paint— Sun Yellow 
  • Crafter’s Acrylic Paint— Black 
  • Crafter’s Acrylic Paint— Christmas Red 
  • Crafter’s Acrylic Paint— Purple Passion 
  • Crafter’s Acrylic Paint— Dark Turquoise 
  • Brushes

yellow paint

Paint the underside of the alligator with Sun Yellow Crafter’s Acrylic paint.  Let it dry completely.

Paint the body and head of the alligator with Holiday Green Crafter’s Acrylic paint.  After the first application has dried, add a second layer of paint if needed.

Paint the mouth of the alligator with Christmas Red Crafter’s Acrylic paint.

paint alligator teeth

Use a fine tip brush to add sharp, white teeth to the alligator’s mouth.

paint coral snake

For the snake, paint each “stripe” on the snake’s body with a black, yellow, red pattern.  I painted one color at a time.

Paint the dinosaur with two layers of Purple Passion Crafter’s Acrylic paint.  Let it dry.

foam pouncer dots

Use a small foam pouncer to add Dark Turquoise polka dots all over the dinosaur’s body.  Dip the pouncer in the paint, blot the excess off on a paper towel, then dab the pouncer on the surface to make dots.

wiggle animals photo stand DIY

Slide a photograph into a wood slot to display your favorite images! You can bend the animal figures slightly to “pinch” the photos in place. Have fun crafting and creating with with or for kids this summer!

I originally published this project on the DecoArt website as a member of their Outside Artist Design Team.


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