Monday, October 1, 2012

Make Your Own Medusa Costume

Looking for a costume that's a head turner, but don't have a lot of time or money to spend on it?  You'll love this idea!

This is one of my quick "go to" costumes.  I've worn it a few times and it always attracts a lot of attention.  It's kind of hard not to stare at the lady with snakes on her head!

To make the head piece, you'll need:
 a sturdy headband
several large rubber snakes
small rubber snakes
chenille sticks

(I found all the items at the Dollar Tree except for the large snakes, which I found in the toy section at Dollar General.)

Place one snake on the headband and bind it on using a chenille stick.  Repeat with the other snakes.

Use the chenille sticks to attach the smaller snakes directly to your hair.

To complete the costume, use a white sheet to make a toga.  Sometimes I paint my face and hands green for added dramatic effect.

Have fun turning heads!  Send me a picture if you decide to be Medusa this year.  I'd love to see it!

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  1. Super Cool! I may have to be medusa. I am usually scrambling for a last minute costume.

  2. That is so cool! Medusa is such an awesome character. Hope you will enter it in the Costume Contest starting Oct 13.
    For details -

  3. My mom actually did somthing like this a couple years back with dollar store snakes too. its a really great and easy to do costume

  4. This is great! :) Of course, no surprise there.

  5. what type of headband did you use? pleases answer :)

  6. Hi Chelsea! I used a wide plastic headband. I hope that helps!!

  7. So, the chenille sticks/pipe cleaners held those large snakes well???

  8. Love this! I tried to convince my family this year to have me be Medusa, and they all go as zombies, but they all wanted to be zombies.

  9. Thank you!!! :D I tried using other type of headbands but it got to difficult. Thanks for putting this up.

  10. Hi. Love this idea? Is that a sheet you are wearing? It looks like it's on the shoulders and under the arms to make sleeves. Would love to know how you did it.

  11. The sheet appears to have a slit cut un the center and worn ponch style with a cord to belt it. Is this correct?

  12. Hi Morena. I used your ideas to make my Halloween costume this year. I used the pipe cleaners and rubber snakes for the headpiece. I bought a dress and shoes from a thrift store. I got some other materials from the craft store, for the belt. I made my jewelry pieces from a gold belt and some beading materials I already had. I bought some specialty lenses and used fishnet stockings to put green makeup on my face for the snake skin look. It worked out great and I even won second place in a costume contest! Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Jennifer, you made my day. Thanks for sharing that with me, and congrats on your win! I LOVE the idea of using fishnets to create snake skin. Genius idea. I'd love to see pictures if you want to share them!

    2. Thanks, Morena! Yes, I would certainly love to share some photos of my costume. I will post them to your FB page, if that's OK. It is by far my favorite Halloween costume I've ever worn. Thanks again for the ideas!

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