I started by finding a free image of a cockroach online.  I saved it and imported it into my Silhouette Studio program.
I printed it on transparency paper for ink jet printers.
I’m still learning the process, but I managed to set the image so only the outline would be cut.
Then it was off to the Silhouette to be cut.
Doesn’t it look real?  I startled myself with this one I had set on the counter!
I think the kids are going to wake to a roach invasion on Sunday!
And with the help of a glue dot, this bugger sticks to a sandwich bag.
This April Fool's Prank is awesome! Freak out your friends and family with fake roaches you can make yourself. You'll be amazed at how easy this is to do.
I just might have to prank them again on Monday.  🙂
This post has been so popular that I revisited it with a slight tweak for those who do not own Silhouette cutting machines.  You can also use clear printable labels to make adhesive fake roaches!  Click HERE to see that tutorial, as well as to download a free printable sheet with lots of creepy bugs (roaches and spiders, yukck!) on it.
Enjoy!  And if you try this please share your pictures or comment to let me know about the reactions you got!  I love to hear your stories.
Looking for more silly fun?  Check out my fake spilled juice prank!  You can see a roundup of my April Fool’s prank crafts by clicking HERE.


  1. just visiting after seeing your project on the Silhouette blog… what a fabulous prank – and love how well the images came out on the transparency! Not many roaches about in the UK (i’m sure they’re somewhere – but not common in the average house – probably too cold!!), but wish i’d have done something like the spilled drink… there are so many things you could do with the transparencies now I think about it – all inspired by coming to see your post. Thank you!

    Paula Gale,
    England. x x x

  2. […] Lunch with a Friend Add bug to their lunches, backpacks, beds or even cereal boxes for an insect-eresting prank that even has even us jumping in our chairs. We love how jokester and mom Morena creates her own set of creepy crawlies, you can find the how-to on her blog, Morena’s Corner. […]


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