Today I am excited to show you how to make these “Almost Free Watering Pails”!  This quick project allows you to recycle, tend to your plants, and craft…win, win, win!

You will need a plastic container that has a screw on cap and an arm.  I used a recycled tea container and two apple juice containers.
Then, spray paint them.  I used paints by Krylon.  I didn’t remove the labels from mine since my colors were darker and covered them.  If you were going with a light color you might want to take the labels off.

We used a drill to make multiple holes in the screwed on lid.  My oldest child had fun helping with this step! Also, drill one hole at the top of the handle.  This is very important!  It allows the water to flow continuously.

Finally, I cut vinyl using my Silhouette, and adhered the letters and images to each container.

My kids love that they each have their own watering can to use in our family’s keyhole garden.  And if they forget them in the yard and the dog chews them up (like he did to my other watering pail!) I won’t be too upset, because I can just go through the recycling bin and make another one!

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  1. What a trio of cuties. Love the tip about drilling a hole in the handle – wouldn’t have thought of that.

  2. I have been using gallon water jugs…but without holes!!! that is a fantastic idea!!!!!!!!

  3. Now how perfect is this!! Thank you so much for the tip, I have so many watering cans around the house (I keep them full for watering time so the water has sat for a while before use) and with your tip I don’t have to buy any more!
    Thanks, love this one

  4. Those are so cute. I love how you dressed them up – it really took them from trash to treasure.

  5. What a cute idea! I love your watering squad too. I bet they are great helpers, especially w/ their fancy watering jugs!

  6. this is suc a great idea – my son LOVES to help me water the plants and would love his own watering can! i’m totally pinning this 🙂


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