This Cat in the Hat costume tutorial will get you in the mood for Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2nd!  This is a sponsored post with Fairfield World but all ideas and opinions are my own.

Cat in the Hat Costume Tutorial

It is Dr. Seuss week, and children and teachers everywhere are assembling their best Seuss inspired outfits to wear on March 2nd, National Read Across America Day. My kindergartner decided that he wanted to dress as the Cat in the Hat for Dr. Seuss’ birthday celebration at his school.  I made this no sew Cat in the Hat costume in under 30 minutes!  I also have a Thing 1 and Thing 2 costume that would pair perfectly with this fun outfit.

Cat in the Hat Costume Tutorial

Supplies Used in this Cat in the Hat Costume Tutorial:

Cut four rectangles of Oly-Fun fabric that are about 18 inches long.  Use a hat to help determine how large the brim needs to be.  Trace the hat.

Cut the brim from the four sheets of Oly-Fun.  It will look like the letter “O”.  Check to make sure it fits your child’s head. Use a low temperature hot glue gun to glue the edges together to make one thick piece of fabric.

Trace your childs hand on the fabric.  Trace the thumb and pinky, and just make a large section for the middle three fingers.  I traced far outside my child’s hand, about two inches out. Cut out four of the “hands”.

Use hot glue to seal two of the pieces together.  Repeat for the other glove.

Cut four pieces of Oly-Fun that is about 18-20 inches tall and wide enough to fit around your child’s heat.  Cut red strips of Oly-Fun to make the stripes on the hat.  Hot glue the red strips to the white pieces.

Fold the piece right side together.  Use the hot glue gun to glue the edge closed.

Cut a rectangular piece of fabric to fit the top of the hat.  Hot glue two of the edges to both sides of the top of the hat.

Flip the tube of fabric inside out.  Adjust and tuck in the piece that was glued on top.  Add more hot glue if needed.

Hot glue the brim to the tube part of the hat.  I pressed the right sides together and glue them.  Here is a view from under the hat.  The hot glued section is hidden under the brim of the hat.

Cat in the Hat Costume Tutorial

I used a scrap piece of Shannon Fabric fur (left over from this project) and hot glued it to the front of a long sleeve black shirt.  I cut a strip of red fabric, tied it in a knot at the center, and hot glued it to the front of the shirt to make a long, loopy tie.

Cat in the Hat Costume Tutorial

My son immediately put his Cat in the Hat costume on and wore it all afternoon.  I wish you could have seen him riding his bike in the afternoon son, speaking like the Cat in the Hat!  Of course we had to wind down the day by reading Dr. Seuss books.  I’m thrilled that he likes this costume so much and that it inspired him to be creative and imaginative.

If you enjoyed this Cat in the Hat costume tutorial, then you will love my Thing 1 and Thing 2 wig tutorial!  Have fun crafting and creating costumes for Dr. Seuss’ birthday!



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