These “Gave You My Heart” ornament gifts are a fun (and creepy!) twist on the popular Wham! Christmas song.

It’s hard for me to transition from Halloween to Christmas crafting, especially when some things really lend themselves to being creepified! The hit song “Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart” by Wham! is the perennial earworm that you just can’t avoid. I took the heart literally and turned it into an ornament.

anatomical heart ornament

If you love this ornament and can’t live without it, order your own from my Etsy shop! I have a few creepy heart ornaments still available!

i gave you my heart ornament

I used paper mache pulp and a mold to make each individual heart. They are then hand painted with three different colors/kinds of paint before being added to the “bloody” ornament. The lettering is cut from polished metal vinyl and added.

creepy heart ornament

Here are the deets from my Etsy listing if you need more info about this item:

Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart Ornament

Anatomical Heart Ornament
3.5″ round plastic ornament
The handmade heart is made of paper mache and hand-painted.
Back of ornament is filled with “blood” (paint)
Message is cut from metallic green vinyl and hand-applied

Due to the handmade nature of this item, each one will vary very slightly but will be made to match the ornaments pictured

Custom messages and colors available by request.

heart ornament

Last year I made a sold a ton of these tiny toilet paper ornaments. That was loads of fun, but I’m so glad we didn’t have to deal with a toilet paper shortage this year! I hope that doesn’t happen again! But if it does, I’ll start making more ornaments. LOL!

gave you my heart ornament

Thanks for stopping by, and I’d love for you to “favorite” my Etsy shop if you do stop by. I’ll be adding more merch as I make it! Have fun crafting & creating, amici.


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