Make an Eagle Fang Valentine Box to collect cards and treats in. This is a sponsored post with Fairfield World, makers of Oly-Fun Multipurpose Craft Material.

how to make eagle fang valentine box

I always have fun creating unique Valentine’s day boxes for my kids. Last year I made a Baby Yoda box that was a huge hit! My Stitch box and Frog Prince are also crowd favorites. This year my family has enjoyed watched the hit Netflix Series Cobra Kai together, and Johnny Lawrence’s Eagle Fang Karate is a favorite. What’s not to love about a logo that has an eagle with fangs?

I knew I wanted to use Oly-Fun fabric from Fairfield World to make this project. In the past, paper (like construction paper) has ripped from kids handling it, and the box usually looks like a mess by the time it gets home. Oly-Fun is a durable fabric that cuts like paper. It’s perfect for detailed designs like this one, while being able to withstand lots of little hands touching it.

DIY karate valentine box

Eagle Fang Valentine Box Supplies

I made a brief video tutorial that shows exactly how I made this project. Watch to see how the wings can move up and down! You can tuck them in to make the box easy to travel with, and then spread the eagle wings for display and to collect Valentine cards and treats.

Have fun crafting and creating with Oly-Fun fabric! For more fun Valentine box ideas, check out my other tutorials. Click here to see all my free printable Valentine cards, DIY boxes, and handmade Valentine gift ideas.

eagle fang valentine box

This is a sponsored post, but all ideas and opinions are genuine and my own. I love being a Master Maker for Fairfield World because their products are outstanding!


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