Snarky Father’s Day cards…why not?

I am married to a fantastic guy who is a fabulous father to our four kids. You can see some of the fun father’s day gifts I have made for him, like this magnet or this “you rock” frame. Unfortunately, though, father’s day is not a happy day for everyone.

snarky fathers day card

My own dad passed away several years ago, and while I always miss him, father’s day without your dad is especially hard. My husband’s father cut us out of his life unexpectedly a few years ago. The hurt this inflicted on our family has diminished over time, but it is still hard to comprehend when someone chooses to ignore their child. I’ve seen this sentiment expressed quite a bit by several of my friends this week on social media.

snarky father's day cards

I tend to like to address uncomfortable issues with sarcasm or snark, so I decided to make “cards” for all the people I know who have an absentee dad this father’s day. Hallmark just doesn’t seem to make greeting cards like these, do they? These cards are for all my friends fighting to get someone to pay child support, return a phone call, or just show up for once.

snarky Fathers day cards

These cards sure as heck won’t improve your relationship, but maybe they can help you vent a little. When I’m upset about something, I have always found it helpful to write down what I want to say, and then shred the letter up. This way you can get a lot of “stuff” off your chest without making a situation even worse. I’m no therapist or counselor, of course, and sometimes therapy is the best solution for helping you deal with unresolved issues. Until then, here are some snarky Father’s Day cards that I hope will bring a little laughter to this sometimes bittersweet holiday.


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