Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Tutorial at Dollar Store Crafts

Ciao amici!  I'm at Dollar Store Crafts today with a fun, inexpensive tutorial for you.  Please visit me here.
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Monday, April 14, 2014

DIY Painted Bowls for a Family Pizza Bar

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Wet-Nap but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #showusyourmess  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Friday night is movie night in our house.  The kids and I look forward to this weekly ritual, which involves pizza and a movie.  Oftentimes, we make our own pizza, so each child can have their own personal pizza.  I set up a pizza bar and let the kids create.

I decorated plastic bowls to help divide up the ingredients.  Keep reading to learn how to simply embellish plain bowls for your own food bar.
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Friday, April 11, 2014

How to Make a Mail Holder From a Repurposed Book

When I visit thrift stores and garage sales, I'm always on the lookout for interesting books, not just to read, but to craft with.  I found this wonderful dictionary at Goodwill and picked it up so I could use the text in projects.  The cover was so nice that I decided to use it, as well.  Now I have a fun mail holder in my office that matches nicely with the books on my shelves!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

PB Kids Inspired Project

Ciao amici!  I have a fun new project for you at Crafts Unleashed.  Learn how I made a $150 Pottery Barn Kid's light up star for under $10!  Read more about it here.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to Bling Out Your Beverage Bar

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #TENways  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

I recently hosted a little get together with friends.  To  keep things simple, I usually have liters of soda and disposable cups out for my guests.  I wanted to step it up a bit, and make my beverage "bar" more full of sparkle.  With a little bling and glue dots, I packed a lot of shine into a small project.
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Make Your Own Animal Handle Fun Cups

I'm crazy about whimsical objects and gag gifts.  I thought it would be funny to have a cup with a handle that wasn't your ordinary, everyday cup handle.  Why not an animal shaped handle?
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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Three Ways to Repurpose a Slide Carousel from Goodwill

While I love modern technology, I miss the hands on aspect of old school media.  The feel of a vinyl album, the smell of 35 mm film, and the sight of movie reels all bring back memories.  I remember how proud I was of earning an A/V "license" in elementary school, so I could help the teacher load the movie projector.  While photo slides were a little before my time, I do have fond memories of going through my parent's boxes of slides and holding them up to the light to squint at the tiny images.
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