Learn how easy it is to make Truffula trees, inspired by Dr. Seuss’ work! This is a sponsored post with Fairfield World.

make whimsical trees for decorating

I have always been a big fan of whimsy and color! Dr. Seuss’s work definitely fits in that category, and has inspired me to make Thing 1 and 2 wigs, among other wacky projects! This time I made giant colorful trees, inspired by Truffula trees in the classic story The Lorax.

make whimsical trees for seuss week

These trees would be perfect for creating a magical setting for a summer camp! I can just picture camper’s faces lighting up as they walk by these brightly colored “trees”. Teachers and schools can also tape these to walls or attach them to bulletin boards to create decor for National Read Across America Day, also referred to as Seuss Week. These DIY trees would also make a fun scene for performances or as part of a colorful photo booth!

how to make your own truffula trees

Supplies Used to Make Truffula Trees

Oly-Fun fabric is perfect for these kinds of projects because it is much more durable than paper! Bolts of Oly-Fun can be used the same way rolls of construction paper are used in camps and schools, but the end result lasts much, much longer! Check out my video tutorial to get all the details:

If you are going for  Seuss theme for camp, school, or a party, then you will love my DIY Cat in the Hat Costume! The no sew hat is made using Oly-Fun fabric. The one that I made has been used often for over three years and is still holding up perfectly. Oly-Fun makes for projects and props that will last a long time.


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